Friday, February 28, 2014

MIG Welding

We're learning how to MIG weld for a class project. MIG welding is a welding process in which a wire comes out of the MIG welding gun and when it touches a piece of metal it creates an electric arc that heats up the metal piece. Enough writing let me show you some pictures.

for our safety we have to use a leather jacket and leather gloves so that we don't burn from the sparks that fly away when welding, also we use a welding helmet to protect our face, eyes, and neck from the infrared light, sparks, ultraviolet light and heat created in the process of welding. Safety First!!!

Here is me practicing MIG Welding with my friend Jonathan. My teacher gave us pieces of metal to practice before we could use it in our project.

The picture below shows one of our first tries at MIG welding, not really a good job. But hey! we're beginners. The welding did not came out like my teacher wanted because we were going at a fast speed and we were also not steady


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